About Us

Brass & Brass Enterprises, LLC (BBE); founded in 2004, is the parent company to Ted Brass Real Estate Solutions, BNB Property Management, and  ExitWithDignity.com. BBE is a Full Service Real Estate Solutions Company, housing an experienced team of real estate agents, and other industry professionals.
Owned and operated by Ted and Glenda Brass who have a combined 50 years experience in the real estate industry.
Ted began his career at Century 21 where he spent 25 years as an investment division/ REO department manager. He consistently performed in the top 1% of sales volume. Glenda Brass began her career on the mortgage side of the Industry, working for such companies as Wells Fargo and Countrywide. BBE has a reputable presence in the community and a network of over 45,000 industry professionals, whereby providing its clients with varied educational resources and support. Glenda and Ted combined their talents and industry relationships to provide real estate solutions, specializing in residential and commercial real estate sales, leasing and property management as well as credit and financial management.
BBE, as a team successfully closes transactions in a reasonable amount of time with the least expense and inconvenience to our clients.

What Product/Services does BBE Offer?  

Our company provides individuals looking to purchase, sell, or manage real estate with dynamic solutions. As real estate professionals, we also provide education through one on one consultation and seminars that are designed to help our clients make intelligent buying/selling/financing decisions. As a solutions company, we always offer our clients multiple choices backed by education.

What are BBE’s Significant Business Advancements/Achievements?

We are responsible for helping  thousands of individuals obtain the American dream of home-ownership.  We’ve also educated hundreds of first time home-buyers and experienced investors and helped them to begin and/or increase their real estate portfolios.  Most recently, we purchased a commercial space, in order to open up a full service Real Estate Education Center for professionals and consumers. Stay tuned for the announcement of our Grand Opening.


What are BBE’s Future Goals?

To provide more in-depth and timely educational opportunities for beginning and savvy real estate investors as well as first time home buyers.  As certified distressed property experts, we’re poised to help individuals who are experiencing problems with their mortgages and/or those who are upside down. Long-term our goal is to provide education and investment opportunities for our community that extends beyond the California borders.


Who does BBE serve and why?

Our business serves our community – one reason is because that is where we live, and another is because that is where our hearts are. We serve  individuals and families of all income levels who are in need of our services. We proudly embrace the diversity within our community and are constantly looking for ways that we can be of even greater service.

Our experience is broad and deep. We have specialized training and practice in areas ranging from residential, to commercial, to investment, which gives us a significant base from which to draw.  Chances are when our clients have a need, we can  fill it. Real estate is not just a job for us, it is our passion, it’s what we do well.


Our name has significant meaning.

The name Brass & Brass represents who we are. Our names are symbolic of integrity, service in the community, professionalism, and trust. When people hear the name ‘Brass” there is no question the type and level of service they can expect